personal computer

One of the most challenging activities that one can engage in is purchasing a computer. It is a tricky engagement more especially if you have not done it before as the type of PC and their style keeps on changing from time to time. While sometime past the only computers that were available where only desktops and laptops, technology has evolved drastically, and there are now numerous computer devices that can give a consumer the luxury of choosing between purchasing a hybrid tablet computer desktop, laptop, or a convertible laptop.

Additionally, when you are purchasing a new computer, you should be aware that they are created differently regarding both the hardware part of them and the software. Equally, you should know the features that the computer has so that you should avoid purchasing on that may have those features that you do not require, especially if they contribute into pushing the price of the machine up.

In that effect, to help you purchase the right computer, there are some key things that you will need to consider. Below we offer a step by step guide on the important features and components that you should look out for to make the right buying guide

Styles and types

Even though considered as the simplest choice to make, the type and style of the computer that you will select will have a major impact on the eventual price of that particular machine. For instance, take a scenario where you have a desktop and laptop that have the same specifications. Here it is automatic that you will have to pay more for the laptop, bearing in mind that the laptop can store a lot of data in a small area. Taking into consideration your budget, where and how you will be using your computer, you are to choose whether to settle for a laptop or desktop.


This is usually considered as the brain of the entire computer system. In other terms, it is known as the CPU. It is tasked with handling all the calculations and operations that enable the computer software to operate as it does. Ensure that you settle for a CPU that has a high speed as this usually translates into your system working faster. To ensure that you have the best processor, it is important that you have a keen eye on details as opposed to numbers, or additionally, you can undertake some research and settle for the best fit for your needs.


Most individuals will select the RAM based on numbers, which is not a good idea.this is the part of the computer that is tasked with controlling the internal working speed of the computer. When selecting the RAM of the computer that you want to purchase, it is advisable that you do not look at the size, but take into consideration its speed and that it is within your budget.

Hard drives

When you are purchasing a computer, it is important that you select one that can store all the data that you will want to store.